Monday, 21 July 2014

Nail art: Multiple accent nails

We’ve all seen it lately – the accent nail. Meaning you paint one nail on each hand in a different colour to the other nails.
I’m taking this further, and am opting for multiple accent nails, but in matching colours.
The nail polishes I’ve used for this particular manicure are:
Barry M Berry Ice Cream
Barry M White
Zoya Pixie Dust Carter

The Zoya Pixie Dust colours are textured polishes that are like pure glitter, or almost like sand. They’re hard to remove afterwards, but it’s absolutely worth it! You can usually keep this nail polish on for 2 weeks, as it sits so hard and doesn’t flake.
To start off, I planned which nails would be painted in what colour, as I wanted the manicure to be well mixed up, and perfect looking.
The lilac hue of the Barry M Berry Ice Cream polish was going to be my main colour, so I started off by painting a few nails in this colour as a base. I really love this hue, and it’s perfect for spring and summer!

I then continued by painting the base for my remaining nails in Barry M White, and Zoya Pixie Dust Carter.
All nails needed two coats of polish, as the polishes are quite watery. You can see the difference between one and two coats in the photos above.

I wasn’t satisfied with just plain colour on my nails though, even though they were different colours. I wanted them to match even more, and therefore I added some polka dots with the help of my dotting tools, on a few chosen nails. I focused on the Berry Ice Cream and the White nails for this, and did the polka dots in the opposite colour.

And the result? Well, you can see it in the photos below.
I am really happy with the outcome of this purple and white multiple accent nails manicure, and think it would suit any season. You can obviously do it with different colours and match your mood or the time of year.
What do you think?
Are you a fan of accent nails?

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  1. love this one! I used to mis-match my nails too and experiment on what I have in my nail art kit :D

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