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Healthy cuticles with Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover

healthy cuticles with Sally Hansen
I've always found it really easy to grow long and strong nails. I got those genes from my dad, I think. My nails are extremely thick and hard, but with thick nails come thick and dry cuticles - something I'm not a fan of. I know I've pointed out the importance of having smooth nails and cuticles before in order to get a good base for your nail polish. Cause let's face it - no nail art looks good without a bit of ground work.

sally hansen instant cuticle remover
What you'll need for cleaning up your cuticles is a cuticle remover gel (I'm using Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover, which I've heard is one of the best ones on the market), a metal cuticle pusher, as well as a nail and cuticle oil (mine is from Boots' own range).

sally hansen cuticle remover before picture
If you look closely at my 'before' picture above, you can see that my cuticles are very dry, and that they've started to grow out on the nails a little bit - especially on the index and middle finger. 

how to use Sally Hansen cuticle remover gel
The first thing you need to do is grab your Sally Hansen bottle, and carefully apply the cuticle remover gel around your nails and on your cuticles with the pipe. 

cuticle remover tutorial
I know it says 15 seconds on the bottle, but I leave the gel on for about a minute before I move to the next step. This is so that the gel really dissolves the cuticles before you push them back - this simply makes it easier, and you decrease the risk of damaging your nails.

how to remove cuticles
Carefully push the soft cuticles back with the metal cuticle pusher, with the gel still on them. Don't push too hard or with the cuticle pusher in a weird angle, as this can leave marks in your nails.

Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover after result
Once you've pushed the cuticles back on all nails, just wash your hands with warm water, and then apply some nail and cuticle oil that you gently massage in. There are tons of different brands of cuticle oils, but I can really recommend the one from Boots' own brand. 

What do you think of the finished result?
Do you have any nail and cuticle maintenance tips of your own?

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