Friday, 26 September 2014

Mixed turquoise nail polish design with studs

Turquoise and teal are some of my favourite colours, especially for summer when you’ve got a bit of a tan going, but these coloures obviously work all year around. Perhaps just vary between different hues, and go for a brighter colour in the summer, and a darker and dusky colour in the winter.
Anyway, you all know how much I love nail polish, and the design I’ve come up with this week consists of three colours that all match and compliment each other.

The polishes I’ve used are:
Revlon Ocean Breeze (scented nail polish)
Barry M Mint Green
Zoya Pixie Dust Godiva

turquoise nail polish
Just as with my previous nail polish design with multiple accent nails, I’ve opted to go for one main colour, with a couple of nails being the contrast nails.
I started by deciding which nails I wanted to paint in what colour, and applied two coats of each polish.

I’m not going for any crazy patterns this time, but I only painted my nails with one colour per nail.
To spice up the design a little bit I’m adding some tiny metal studs in silver.

I bought a pack of about 100-150 mini studs from Amazon for about 40 pence, including delivery. Bargain!
The pack includes both gold and silver coloured studs, and for this design I’m opting for the silver ones.

Start by placing your studs on a piece of paper with the bulged side up. Count that you’ve got the right amount before applying them to your nails.

Make sure your second coat of nail polish hasn’t dried yet – it’s easier to apply the studs then. But don’t worry if it has dried – you can always paint on another coat, or just add a drop of clear polish where your stud is going.

Pick up the studs with a dotting tool or an orange stick, by dipping it in clear nail polish and them simply touching the top of the stud. Measure where on your nail you want to place it, and carefully push it down onto the nail.
Apply a layer of top coat on top of everything to avoid your studs coming off.

turquoise nail polish with studs
And this is the finished result – a turquoise theme with glitter and stud details. I managed to keep mine for over a week without it chipping, which just shows how important it is to zeal your design with a good top coat. The one I’m using is from No7, and is rock hard.

What do you think? If you’ve created a multiple accent nail design I would love to see it! Leave your links in the comment section below.

Oh, and it's always a plus when you've got matching jewellery ;)

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