Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sorry I'm washing my hair

In my last blogpost I spoke about the dress being an accidental purchase, and it's the same again with this t-shirt dress. I was really looking for a pair of jeans, and the ones I found was on sale so I had some more budget to spend on myself. I spotted this grey cut out shoulder t-shirt dress, and it's really not my usual style, but it just screamed 'buy me!'

Since I couldn't say no to a dress pretty much calling my name, it got to come home with me, and I've not looked back since. Sometimes accidental purchases are the best! This random dress from Lola Skye at House of Fraser is perfect for any season, and you can mix and match it with a number of different garments for a variety of styles. For this weird transition between Summer and Autumn I'm pairing it with my trusted black leather jacket (I've had it for years!), black open toe wedge sandals from Primark, and black cotton leggings from H&M.

I really love how this t-shirt dress gives you a casual but stylish look at the same time. It's like you couldn't make an effort, but you still look great... know what I mean? And the writing 'Sorry I'm washing my hair' is just hilarious! The dress is really comfortable and just perfect for a casual day - in this case a stroll around Leeds city centre on a Saturday afternoon.

I've accessorised with a Swarowski elements heart shaped necklace, which was a birthday present from my dear friend Laura who blogs over at Top Style Advice. You need a bit of bling with such a plain garment.

This magnet bracelet with a blingy accent stone was also a present from Laura. She always spoils me rotten for my Birthday!
The bag is my beloved DKNY leather bag in white and cream, that I blogged about a while ago when featuring my navy blue maxi dress.

Have you ever bought a fashion garment by "accident" - something that wasn't your usual style, but that ended up being one of your favourite pieces?

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