Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Because Winter is not here quite yet...

faux fur collar
I'm cosying up with a fur collar this Autumn. Faux fur really is the big trend for this season!

The lovely fluffy faux fur sits on my new bohemian looking "coatigan" - a mix between a coat and a cardigan - from Joe Browns. Clever, isn't it? It's perfect for those days when it's not too cold, and you don't really fancy wearing a big and heavy coat. It's also really great for indoor shopping this upcoming winter - and by that I mean shopping centres and other big department stores, where you don't spend too much of your shopping spree outdoors.

slouchy t-shirt dress
So what am I wearing underneath this so called coatigan on this particular day?
Let's strip off and see... ;)

off the shoulder dress
It's a cream coloured slouchy off-the-shoulder t-shirt dress with batwing sleeves, which is tight around the hips. It's from WearAll, and I absolutely love this kind of style as it's a bit alternative but still versatile.

batwing dress
You can either wear it as a short dress with thick tights underneath - I've gone for dark brown ones - or as a long t-shirt paired with skinny jeans.

bare shoulder dress
The print is a bit cheeky though; 'Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful'. But oh well... I feel confident enough wearing it ;)

Scottish marble ring
I've gone for very simple accessories for this outfit - just a stylish silver ring with a lime green marble stone that I once bought in Scotland. Apparently this type of marble can be found on their cold and stony beaches up there.

black autumn lace up boots
To top it all off (or bottom it off in this case?) I've gone for my trusted black lace-up boots from Anna Field at Zalando. They've got that kind of rocky edge to them, and work with almost anything.

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