Sunday, 14 December 2014

Budget dresses for the festive season

The other day when I went to my local Asda for some food shopping I couldn't help myself but wandered over to have a little sneaky peak at their George clothing collection.
(I just had to take the chance to do it since my OH wasn't with me at this time)
I saw lots of glitzy items in the corner of my eye, but didn't expect to see what I saw - a great range of of really lovely party dresses, perfect for Christmas and New Year's Eve - for the fraction of the prices on the highstreet!

The dress that really caught my eye was this Bardot lace dress with wide off-the-shoulder straps.Isn't it gorgeous!? I had to investigate further, and went online only to find that they've got tons of lovely party dresses on their website too!

How about a glitzy gold dress or a festive red dress for the Christmas party with work or friends, or Christmas day with family? The last one in the row above might look plain at first sight compared to the other ones with sequins and lace, but would be perfect for any occasion as you can easily dress it up or down with the right accessories. Who doesn't love a versatile dress? ;)

A little black dress is of course the classic option for New Year's Eve, and George has got plenty to choose from in their collection. Personally, I'm a sucker for lace dresses, so I would probably go for something of that style, but there are lots of other lovely ones as well. One thing is for sure - you really can't go wrong with black. Just add a few sparkly pieces of jewellery, a pair of heels, and voila! - you're ready to go!
I've got my work Christmas do coming up at the end of this week - perhaps I'll pop back in to George at Asda for a little treat!

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