Monday, 22 December 2014

Glamorous hair and makeup for the festive season

The festive season is all about glitz and glamour, and the two main events when you tend to go all in for the sparkle are of course the work Christmas party and New Year's Eve. Girls, myself included, tend to dress up from top to toe,and an outfit is not just about the dress, but the hair and makeup are just as important. The company I work for had their Christmas party last Friday, and this is the look I went for; black long dress with shiny embellishments, smoky eye makeup, and wavy hair.

 To create a smoky eye makeup you need two different coloured eyeshadows - I've used matt black and a metallic cream coloured shadow. Use your darkest shade at the outside of your lids, and create a crescent shape Make sure you blend it with the lighter eyeshadow which site on the insides of your lid, so that you don't get a sharp line between the two shades. Once you've done your eye shadow, line your eyes with a good eyeliner, and a volumising mascara.
With such focus on the eyes I'm simply wearing a pretty neutral and light lipstick so that the eyes and the lips won't fight for attention. I'm also using a golden tone on my skin with the help of a bit of bronzer, which I've mainly applied on my cheeks.

 This floor length black dress with embellishments under the bust is a classic! With it being of a straight cut it's absolutely timeless, and is suitable for most slightly fancier festivities. I've also opted for the classic Hollywood waves to top it all off. Thoughts?

Thank you so much to Fragrance Direct who were nice enough to send me a big box of beauty products in order to help out with my Christmas and New Year's looks! 
Merry Christmas everyone! x

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