Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The home of footwear - Cloggs event in York

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to Cloggs store opening event in York. 
Now 'what is this?', you may ask... Cloggs is a shoe shop with a wide variety of well-known brands, and they've been on the market since the late 90's. They started up when internet shopping just started to become popular, and they've now decided to take the step out of the cyber world, and has started opening up a few stores around UK, with the focus on medium sized towns to start with - hence the store opening event in York.

We were greeted by the lovely staff with bubbles and fancy canapes. Delicious!

After a brief introduction to the store and their brand concept, we were given little tags to hang on our favourite shoes in the store. Each blogger got 3 tags - a 1st, 2nd and 3rd priority, which we could hang on any shoes in store in order to add them to our wishlist. 
I fell in love with these black leather platform heel boots from UGG.

Cloggs had even arranged for professional pedicurists to attend the store opening event, and we could all get our toe nails panted in some lovely colour if we wished. I of course jumped to the chance, and didn't hesitiate to kick my boots off for a little pampering session.

Since I'm not a big fan of winter whatsoever, I opted for a gorgeous coral polish to remind me of summer and warmer weather. 

After having been treated to pretty toe nails, I went back down to the main bit of the store and tried on lots of amazing shoes. I've never understood the hype about UGG boots (at least not those big flat ones, as they're making your feet look really fat) but I came across these beauties on one of the shelves. I quickly swapped my priority labels around, and crossed my fingers that these fluffy tan coloured suede platform UGGS would end up in the post.

I was really impressed with the Cloggs store - it was bright and spacious, everything had its own place, and the variety of brands was great. You could really tell that it was a shoe store where they're all about the quality and the experience, rather than quantity - something that I really prefer to those cheap and tacky shoe shops you see everywhere. 

And if you couldn't find your favourite pair in store, you could simply log on to the in-store computer, and browse the collections online to then order to the store or straight to your door. Very clever!

I had a fantastic night at the Cloggs event in York, mingling with other local bloggers such as Phoebe from North of London, Sarah from Sarah X Sarah, and Faith from Music and Eyeliner.
Thank you so much to Cloggs for inviting me to this fab event!

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