Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Relaxing spa day gone hysterical

Do you know what this is? No. it’s not an aquarium… it’s pure terror!
(at least according to my little sister who saw these 2 inch fish as mini sharks)
But let’s start this from the beginning…

Back in December I visited the well-known Kosta Boda Art Hotel which is located in a tiny village deep into the Swedish forest – a luxury retreat for people who just want to spend some time relaxing and appreciating art. The hotel is really known for its glass art made by famous Swedish artists, but me and my family went there for the day just to use their spa facilities. It was a lovely day just having a swim and relaxing in the hot pools, until…

…until my mum suggested trying the fish pedicure!
The description said it would feel like bathing your feet in champagne. It did not…
With hysterical screams and laughter is how we started off this experience. I thought I’d be clever and start gradually by just sticking one heel in the water. I shouldn’t have done that! All fish flocked to that one small surface, and it tickled like hell! I screamed and pulled my foot out again, with the fish almost following me up above the surface!

My sister was in hysterics, but as the big sister I thought I’d set a good example and make out as if it wasn’t that bad even though I thought it was really disgusting to start with. So I braced myself and dunked both feet in the water at the same time. 10 seconds of extreme tickling followed, and I’m glad I lasted those first 10 seconds, cause that’s how long it took for me to get used to this weird nibbling sensation - after that it was fine.

I must say it was extremely weird having little fish swimming between your toes. But if you ignored looking at them, and instead looked at the beautiful view outside the window, it wasn’t that bad.

My sister continued having hysterical laughs and screams, and dove behind me and grabbed my arm really hard every time she tried to get her feet in the water. She didn’t get them in properly for the whole 20 minutes we sat there, but only lasted 5 seconds here and there :P

It was an interesting experience, I must say. And my feet were extremely smooth afterwards. People tend to think that these little fish have teeth, but they don’t. They only suck your feet, and it doesn’t hurt in any way – it just tickles like hell.

Would I do it again? Probably. I think it’s something everyone should try once. If not for the smooth feet then at least for the weird experience.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Asymmetrical lines and the perfect amount of bling

I am a big fan of asymmetrical lines when it comes to clothes, so when I came across this grey marl knitted dress with a different length skirt in Debenhams, I was sold!

The dress, which is from Quiz clothing, is of a nice stretchy material, and the fact that it’s knitted just makes it the perfect winter dress. The shape is flattering, as it really marks your waist before the skirt flairs out.

It’s a really unusual dress, and I absolutely love the random details! The neckline makes it really interesting, and the decorative buttons on one side under the bust creates a lovely contrast.
With the dress having so many decorative details in itself, I’ve opted for really simple silver jewellery to accessorise it with. These silver heart stud earrings with white Swarovski elements adds the perfect amount of bling to the outfit.

Continuing on the silver theme, I’m also wearing this lovely Thomas Sabo charm bracelet from Joshua James jewellery with 3 different charms including a four-leaf clover, an anchor, and a white pearl. I adore charm bracelets as they’re so versatile, and because you can change them and add more charms to your liking.
The last piece of bling is in the form of a silver ring with a big white diamond like stone.
(Not a real diamond, I’m afraid. I wish!)

I’m trying to be more creative with my hair nowadays, and today’s look consisted of a curly side pony tail. I don’t know what I would do without my trusted ghd’s ;)

And last but not least – a pair of black leather boots with a medium heel. These are so prett to look at with their buckle details and shiny leather… unfortunately they’re not very comfortable. So I make sure I only wear these on a day when I know I’m not going to walk too much. Silly, I know… But hey – I’m sure all of us girls have got at least one pair of “sit down shoes”.