Thursday, 12 February 2015

Introjuicing in Leeds - a detoxing blogger event

I recently attended the Joe Blogs blogger network event ‘Introjuicing’ for Currys, where the focus was to kick-start a healthier life with the help of an electric juicer.
The event took place at Lambert’s Yard in central Leeds on a quiet Sunday afternoon, and there were 60 or so local bloggers attending the event – an impressive crowd!
Just look at all the beautiful and colourful fruit!
We were divided up into 5 different groups – one for each station. I got to start at the ‘play station’, where we simply got to experiment with different fruit and vegetables to create delicious juices.
I was in the same group as my friend Dash from Mode Lily, and we made a juice with apples, raspberries, cucumber, strawberries, coconut water, and probably something else that I can’t remember…
It looks like grey slush, but it was actually really yummy!
At another station we learnt about green juices and nutritional supplements.
There are so many health benefits from drinking fresh juice. Cause do you know what happens to your body when drinking sugary fruit juice made from concentrate
You don't want to know!
The nutritionist Shakela made us a green juice including broccoli (weird but nice), which she then topped up with pineapple juice to make it even nicer. She also put a few drops of some special oil in there as it was supposed to make our skin glow.
Broccoli juice, anyone?
My favourite part of the day was the Rocket Yoga class. I’ve never tried proper Yoga before, so this was an experience! Especially since Rocket Yoga is a lot faster and more energetic than standard Yoga. The instructor Amanda from Yoga Elementz was really good, and we all got a little relaxing session at the end where lavender scented pouches were placed on our faces.
At the bar station we learnt how to mix appealing looking juices that can get away with being mocktails. The bartender Nick started off my mixing us a delicious juice consisting of apples, carrots, beetroot, cucumber and ginger. Again, sounds really weird, but it was oh so yummy!
Looks even better served in a wine glass! No one would have a clue that you weren’t drinking a Mai Tai at the bar ;)
It was a great Sunday afternoon spent mingling with other bloggers, and we all really enjoyed it.
Thank you so much to Joe Blogs and Currys for arranging this and for inviting me.

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  1. Oh, it was such a good event and you look so lovely on your pictures! For some reason I look really hyped on this pic, maybe that might be the amount of the healthy juices I consumed during the day! I wish I remember what oil did Shakela put in there as it was nice...Also, I only drink juices from wine glasses now and if it's a beetroot juice..only from a shot glass!

    Dash xx
    Mode Lily:#CurrysIntroJuicing