Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Proving that yellow isn't ugly

Oh how I love my Saturdays out and about in town. Leeds is very busy on a Saturday, but I love the atmosphere and the hustle and bustle of shoppers.
If I want a quiet moment and a break from it all, I know exactly where to go for a break – there’s a lovely café and a small picturesque park only a few minutes’ walk from the main shopping street. Perfect for lunch and coffee, as well as a blogging photo session.

I’ve grown up learning that yellow is ugly (simply because the words ‘yellow’ and ‘ugly’ rhymes in Swedish), but in recent years I’ve really come to like this colour. I wouldn’t go anywhere near bright yellow, but I love the mustard hue – it’s a lot more natural and earthy, which is just perfect for my complexion.

This mustard bodycon midi dress is from Boohoo. It’s of a really thin material and would probably be better for summer, but I defied the weather and wore it mid-February – it’s a good thing the English winters aren’t that cold!

I’ve paired it with a pair of brown tights and a leopard print blazer to give the dress even more of a down to earth look.
The blazer is of a soft jersey material, and is one of my favourite fashion pieces. I bought it from Next last year, and I adored it from first glance!

I recently coloured my hair a bit darker than my usual blonde – I’m now sporting a light brown ombre with blonde tips, which I think goes brilliantly with this neutral colour scheme.

As for the accessories I’ve opted for yellow to match the dress. A pair of crack detailed yellow ball earrings from Wallis works great as an accessory to mark the fact that I’m matching.

As well as this, I’m wearing a black metal lace necklace as a statement piece to break off the natural look. This too is from Wallis, and was an accidental find that I’m very happy about.
So, here’s the proof that yellow actually isn’t ugly. Agree or disagree?

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