Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Winter nails

February has just arrived, and we’re in the middle of Winter.
We actually had a bit of snow last week, with a blizzard and everything! Not very common for England.
With me being from Sweden I always laugh at people’s reaction to snow, as I wouldn’t call an inch of snow “a lot”.
Anyway, this inspired me to create some Wintery nail art with snowflakes!

This is what you’ll need for this nail art look:
Light blue nail polish
Dark blue nail polish
Beige or golden glitter polish (I’m using Zoya Pixie dust)
Nail art precision brush in silver or gold
Top coat
 Makeup sponge

Start off by painting your nails in your chosen base colour. I’ve opted for the light blue polish for this, but chose to have an accent nail in the golden glitter polish.

Once dry, get your makeup sponge out, and paint 2 lines of polish on it – one light blue and one dark blue. Get to work straight away and don’t let the polish dry on your sponge!

Carefully dab the sponge on the tip of your nail, with the dark blue at the tip and the light blue towards the base. By painting both colours on the sponge you get a nice gradual blend on your nails. Keep dabbing until you’re happy with the result, and paint more polish on the sponge if needed.
Don’t worry if you end up with nail polish on your skin – you can easily remove this with a cotton stick afterwards.

Before you add your decorative snowflakes, paint a layer of top coat on your ombré nails as this will make the colours blend even better, and you’ll get an even surface.
Once dry, take your nail art brush and carefully paint on your snowflakes. I found it the easiest to start off with 3 straight lines crossing each other, almost like a star, followed by the little details on the snowflakes. But do it based on your own taste. If you want simple X’es, then go for it! I’ve added a bit of both. It also looks quite cool if the snowflake comes in from the side of the nail, so that you can’t see all of it.

And this is the result. Let me know if you decided to try this ombré snowflake nail art look, and how you got on.
For more nail art tutorials, look under the Beauty tab.

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