Thursday, 19 March 2015

A Beautiful Mind - beauty event at Harvey Nichols in Leeds

So myself and these two gorgeous ladies - Kristina from Mode of Style and Laura from Top Style Advice - headed over to Harvey Nichols on Tuesday after work for the after-closing-time beauty event 'A Beautiful Mind'. It was not a blogger event, but just a general beauty event for invited people where you could take the chance to learn about beauty products and get tips from the experts. We were welcomed with a glass of bubbly, and were then free to roam around the beauty floor as we wished. 

 Laura was mostly interested in the makeup bit, and had her mind set on getting a new lipstick in a coral hue - perfect for spring. After a bit of consulting she opted for a lipstick from Clinique, and received a free little goodybag to go with it.

Kristina and I headed over to the Dermalogica counter where you could get your skin scanned by a professional skin therapist. Very interesting, I must say! I've got blemish prone skin due to my hormonal acne (it's a bitch!), and even though I keep my skin clear from blemishes with the help of a pharmacy cream, the dermatologist was able to give me some advice on how to blend my skincolour to be more even around my old scars. Very helpful! She also recommended me to use products with salicylic acid, and to exfoliate my skin 1-2 times a week.

After that we headed upstairs to see one of the many tutorials that was on the schedule for the evening.

We learnt about contouring, which has become extremely popular recently thanks to celebrities such as the stunning Kim Kardashian. I would love to learn the art of contouring, but I can imagine it takes a bit of practice!

We also treated ourselves to a mini ginger and coconut handcrafted icecream cone from YeeKwan. 
Like my Spring inspired nails? I've gone for a mint, white and gold look this week, with decorative studs and nail tape. (You can see a closeup on my Instagram)

The rest of the evening we just had a walk around the different makeup stands, getting some colour inspiration for spring. MAC had some gorgeous eyeshadows on display, and I just wanted all of them!

Guests could also opt to have a makeover on the night. Here, a professional makeup artist from MAC is showing a guest how to apply her makeup the best way to compliment her features.

It was a good night spent at Harvey Nichols in Leeds. I guess the only thing we would have wished for as the only 3 bloggers invited was that we would have been treated a little more like VIPs rather than any customer. I was quite surprised that they wouldn't even give Kristina £10 off her purchase when all the other customers had gotten vouchers on their way in. But oh well... It was still a good night, and I was happy to have learnt a bit more about the art of contouring and dealing with my skin problems.
Thanks to Harvey Nichols for inviting us!


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  3. So many pretty things! Sounds like a fun event!

  4. Sounds really fun, the skin therapist sounds so useful and I would love to learn to contour too! :)

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  5. I looks like a very interesting day~ Love the spring manicure ))

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  6. Those ice creams look delicious! The Bristol store had a similar event but I couldn't make it. It is a shame you weren't offered any kind of discount... It's quite unlike HN!

    Tara x

  7. So great beauty event!


  8. Oh wow that looks like such a fun event!
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