Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Will you be my maid of honour?

wedding themed nail art
French romantic, lace, pearls, flowers and dusky pink and lilac hues... 
Want to know where I got my latest nail art inspiration from? 

bridesmaid gifts
Well, this lovely box was given to me by my best friend at the weekend...

bridesmaid gift box
...and it incuded a bunch of lovely gifts, along with the question of 'Will you be my maid of honour?'.
Of course I said YES!

bridesmaid task list
Being her maid of honour will include tasks such as keeping her from crying on her wedding day (I'm doomed already! Every bride cries, right?), helping her pick the wedding dress (This is when I'm gonna cry... into my champagne!), throwing her an amazing hen party, telling her off when she's sending out bridezilla vibes, and a very important task... holding her dress when she needs to pee!

wedding colour theme
She had placed lots of little cards of inspiration in the gift box, which respresents the colour theme of the wedding. These included bridesmaid dresses, the bridal bouquet, hair pieces and all sorts, and it's what got me inspired...

colourful nail polishes
I dug around in my nail polish collection and found a number of them that matched the theme. Although, I had to mix the peach and green polishes slightly to get more dusky colours.

peach and nude nails
I didn't really know what style I was aiming for, so I started off with a couple of different base colours, and just experimented from there. I knew I wanted to include some green and lilac, as well as lace and pearls to match the overall theme of the wedding.

flower and lace nail art
And this is the result! - a very romantic, old fashioned and dusky look. Everything is handpainted by myself with the help of a dotting tool, and the tiny pearls are attached with the help of clear nail polish. I've finished it all off with a matte top coat - something that's new to me, but I really like how it turned out.
I can't wait for my best friend's wedding, and in the year and a half (almost) leading up to it, I'm sure you'll see more wedding inspired posts here on Fashion Infatuation.

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