Tuesday, 28 April 2015

8 sure signs that you've got that Spring feeling

Isn't this the best time of the year?! :D
The warmer weather makes me ridiculously happy, so much that I'm always documenting the first signs of spring. Well, spring has been here for a while now, but it's only in the last week or so that we've had a proper heat wave. I'm almost feeling ready for summer already, and here are 8 sure signs that we're going in the right direction for warmer weather.

Ray Ban 3025 Aviator Matte Gold 11217
One of the first things you notice with spring is that people get their shades out. I love a good pair of classic aviator style Ray Bans, and these gorgeous mirrored blue sunglasses is my new investment this year, from Sunglasses Shop
Bring on Beach 2015!

turquoise jewellery
Blue and turquoise accessories
You also know that summer is on the way when people start wearing light blue and turquoise accessories. This is such a typical hue for summer, possibly because it reminds people of the sea. The colour also really brings out  and compliments your tan (once you've got one!).

fishtail braid
Messy braids
Who hasn't ever envied Blake Lively's famous fishtail braid from a few years ago? The messy braids become extremely popular when the sun comes out. They just scream summer, and they work as the perfect do for a day out or on the beach. I'm pairing mine with turquoise earrings for that extra summery feeling.

coral sandals
Another popular spring colour that keeps coming back year after year is coral. This year's investment in this colour is a pair of gold detail sandals from House of Fraser. Super comfy! I can predict these coming with me on every holiday in the next couple of years!
Oh, and the fact that my toes are out, and no longer locked in a pair of awful winter boots, must be the best spring sing of them all!

iFlorist bouquet
Fresh cut flowers
Not really fashion related, unless you wear them in your hair, but one thing I've noticed that I do more when the sun comes out is that I keep fresh cut flowers in the house. This gorgeous bouquet with pink roses and lilies is from iFlorist, and it just smells divine!

pastel nail polish
Those darker colours are replaced by lighter pastels when it comes to both your clothes, accessories, and your nail polish! 
My nail polish collection of the season is currently looking like this! 

marble nail art
Nail polish
And my nails are looking like this at the moment! I used a white base with 2 different pastel polishes; lilac and mint. With the help of some scrunched up plastic foil I've created a marbled look - perfect for spring! I've spiced it up with some tiny silver studs.

boho watch
Bohemian vibe
 Just like coral and turquoise are two colours that come back every spring, so does the bohemian style. It's one of those classic styles that people tend to love to embrace for the festival season, and you'll see them wearing big flowing maxi skirts, fringe bags, random head gear, and of course bohemian inspired jewellery. I've got a couple of boho style watches, which I absolutely love. The new one for this year is this white one, which was an ebay find.

What are your typical signs for spring, and what gets you in the mood for summer?