Thursday, 21 May 2015

A new online shopping experience that will blow your mind!

Imagine this... you've been invited to a wedding, and you've got this image of yourself in your head wearing a stunning blue lace dress, similar to one you recently saw on Pinterest.
But we all know what Pinterest is like... everything obviously looks amazing, which is why people repin images. But these repinned images often turn out to be 2 years old, and the dresses you've spotted are long gone, and nowhere to be found.  
Pinterest is great for inspiration, but not when it comes to shopping!

So you start looking around in what feels like a hundred online shops, including Asos, River Island... you name it! You probably forgot a lot of your favourite shops in the process, as you're panicking so much as to where to find the perfect blue lace dress.

Well, stress no more ladies, cause here comes Lyst!
Lyst is an online platform that works as a personal shopping experience.
Basically, you can browse all of your favourite shops at the same time, follow brands, or just browse randomly for new in items.
When you find an item you like you can add it to a list, or 'lyst' as they would call it, and you can go back and look at it closer later. 

I tried the filtering system to find blue lace dresses, and found lots of nice ones! I added my favourites to a lyst, where I could then compare them all. 
It's so much easier seeing them next to each other, rather than going back and forth between internet tabs and and several online shops! 

Out of the 8 blue lace dresses I compared in one of my lysts, I then took my favourite one and added to another lyst, which I personalised with a photo of myself and my friend wearing wedding guest outfits last year. 
I went back browsing the new in items, and created a little wedding guest outfit with accessories that will go well with the blue lace dress. 

When you've decided if you want to buy any of the items in your outfit lyst you can simply click on the item and Lyst will redirect you to the shop and its specific page. 

This is so clever, and it's such a hassle free way of shopping when looking for specific things. Or you could just use it to get inspiration from all your favourite shops at once!
Well, Lyst has definitely blown my mind, for sure.
You can find my lysts here.

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  1. so cute look ; -))

    i invite to me too