Saturday, 6 June 2015

A Yorkshire wedding

Last month, I was invited to my friends' wedding party in a lovely countryside location in Yorkshire, just north of Leeds. Impressively enough, the happy couple planned their wedding in a mere 3 months, which you can read about on their blog
A Yorkshire Home

The wedding party took place in a couple of yurts on a field just outside an old farm building. It was all very picturesque with the Yorkshire stone, the woods, the fields, and the gorgeous sunny evening! 

I wore a dusky pink dipped hem dress with a black lace bodice to the wedding party, which I had bought from Boohoo a couple of months before. I thought it was a perfect dress for a spring wedding. With the wedding party taking place in the countryside, I opted for wedge heels as there's nothing worse than your heels sinking into the mud!

The newly wed couple had been very creative with their wedding, and had crafted the majority of the wedding party decorations themselves - one of them being this wooden frame which they had hung up between the trees just outside the yurts. Such a simple but fun idea! Us girls sure did have a fun time posing!

I went all out wedding makeup for the occasion, as you do. I even remembered to use primer, for once ;)
I'm using the fantastic Younique 3D mascara, which creates a false lash look without false lashes! It's amazing! You simply build the length of your own lashes with the help of your normal mascara, topped with Younique's gel and fibres. And voilà!

I'm also wearing a set of white pearl earrlings and a matching necklace to compliment my outfit.

To top it all off I'm matching the lace bodice on my dress with a bow shaped lace cluthbag from Newlook, and I'm also accessorising with my beloved Thomas Sabo charm bracelet for some extra bling.

It was a wonderful evening, and I was really impressed with the results of this quick wedding planning.
Well done guys, and thanks for inviting me!

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  1. Thank you lovely, what kind words! We loved having you with us xxx