Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The world is one big bright sunny musical

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You can tell that summer is here when I start bringing out the bright coloured clothes! 
I'm not much for bright colours the rest of the year, but tend to stick to dusky or earthy colours which suits my complexion. 
But when the sun comes out you just want to shine along with it, right?!

Forever Unique top
I get ridiculously happy when the weather gets warmer. I almost feel like the world is one big musical and everyone should just be dancing down the street, singing together ;) 
Like Belle in Beauty and the Beast... why not?!
Well, let me at least strike a dance inspired pose on a bridge!

Mint top
So, back to my bright summer colours. For this summery outfit I've gone for this fab Forever Unique mint green dipped hem top, which was a real find. It's usually a shocking £80, but I found it at Repertoire Fashion for only £32. Lucky me! What really caught my eye about it was the mosaic decoration around the neckline - it really makes the whole top! The dipped hem and the floaty fabric really compliments the top, and it's the perfect combination. 

Mint accessories
I've gone all out mint with my accessories as well, to really make a statement with this fab summery colour. My silver and mint bangle is a Caribbean design, my midi rings are from Accessorize, and my nail polish is Essie.

Forever Unique fashion
I don't know what you think, but when wearing such a girly garment I feel like I have to rock it up a bit so that it suits my my personality better...

ripped black jeans
These jet black skin tight jeans with rips all down the front may have looked a bit extreme with any other outfit, but I think the tough look compliments the romantic and floaty top perfectly. 
It's all about balance. 
I got them from Boohoo's spring collection, and I absolutely love them! They don't go with flat shoes though (believe me, I've tried), but they look fab with heels.

black wedge sandals
And talking about heels, I'm finishing off this outfit with my trusted black wedge heel sandals. They're from last years Primark range, so they're getting a bit battered now, unfortunately. 
But that's just a perfectly good reason to go shoe shopping, right?! ;)

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