Tuesday, 16 June 2015

What is a microdermabrasion facial, and how does it work?

A couple of weeks ago I ventured over to the neighbouring town Harrogate where I was treated to a microdermabrasion facial by the lovely people at Body Team.

Now, what exactly is a microdermabrasion facial, you may ask?

Microdermabrasion is basically extreme exfoliating, which is a very effective treatment for renewing your skin and getting a fresh and young-looking glow.
It’s a treatment that works in harmony with your body in a way that removes dead skin cells, which then makes your body work faster and harder to replace them with fresher and healthier looking skin. 
It might sound unpleasant, but believe me – it’s not!

microdermabrasion facial
The technique works with microcrystals, and Body Team uses only quality products by Crystal Clear Skincare. These microcrystals are hard enough to scrub off the dull and tired skin cell, but won’t make any damage to your other skin layers. The microdermabrasion machine propels microcrystals across the surface of your skin and removes the top layer of skin cells, which reveals new and fresh skin cells and makes your skin rejuvenate quicker as well as produce more collagen.

microdermabrasion treatment
 The Body Team therapist I went to started off by using two different cleansers on my face. She then began going over my face with the machine, before going back to problem areas such as wrinkles and acne scars. As you can imagine my face was quite red after this treatment, but they are prepared for that. A cooling mask was applied to my face, and whilst that was working its magic I was given a Swedish massage on my arms and hands. Lovely! 
The mask was then peeled off, and moisturising cream was massaged into my face. 
It's crazy how quickly an hour passes when you're getting pampered!
I thought I would come out of the salon looking like a tomato, but the cooling mask had really worked, and I just felt very fresh faced!

mineral foundation
It's fine to apply makeup straight after a microdermabration facial, but they strongly suggest that you only use natural mineral makeup. I tried some of the mineral powder foundation they offered at the salon, and I was very impressed with the coverage.

But what is a microdermabration actually good for? 
These are the skin imperfections it can help treat:
Softens fine lines and wrinkles     
Smoothes rough skin     
Reduces the appearance of scarring     
Refines enlarged pores     
Helps diminish age spots     
Evens out skin tone
Reduces blackheads and white spots     
Helps prevent clogged pores

I would definitely recommend
a microdermabration facial - I felt extremely fresh afterwards, and even after one treatment I thought my skin appeared smoother. Imagine then after a whole course of 5 or 10! 
Body Team was absolutely amazing, so a big shoutout to the lovely ladies in the salon!

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