Friday, 11 September 2015

What to wear to the races - Ladies' Day at Thirsk Racecourse

Glasses of Prosecco
You know there's something great going on when there's delicious bubbly Prosecco involved... cheers!

Thirsk Racecourse
Myself and three fellow Leeds fashion bloggers were invited to ladies' day at Thirsk Racecourse on Saturday - a small racecourse with a very friendly atmosphere that kind of makes you feel as if you're just sitting in someone's (very posh) back garden.

Ladies day at the races
After having arrived at Thirsk station by train a free shuttle bus picked us up and took us to the race course, for which we had tickets to the Premier area. 
Let's raise our glasses to that!

hats and fascinators
A couple of us decided to place some small bets, and we all walked over to the racecourse side to have a look at the horses. 
Don't these lovely ladies look stunning in their posh hats and fascinators?

What to wear to the races
From the left;
Kristina from Mode of Style wearing a strapless black dress.
Dash from Mode Lily in a stunning floral number.
Laura from Top Style Advice rocking a blue and purple dress with lots of decorative details.
And myself - opting for a dark turquoise dress.

Race day dresses
My dress is a dark turquise skater or A-line style chiffon dress that I found at Debenhams last month. It's from the brand Tenki, and as you can see it's quite a short number. 
Getting my legs out! ;)
It's got a zipper and some bands at the back which you tie into a pretty bow, which makes the dress fit perfectly around your waist.

black platform stilettos
I adore these new platform stilettos that I recently bought from Deichmann! They may not look it, but they're actually comfortable. They sit really snug around your feet, so they're really easy to walk in. Plus, the slit style black suede is gorgeous!
I'm also matching my nail polish with my dress, of course ;)

race day attire
Some curls are a must when going out for a special occasion. My hair is naturally really straight, so giving it a bit of bounce is a nice way to really liven it up and to add more of a party look to it.
Snö of Sweden
With my turquoise dress being quite vibrant I've opted for really sleek and simple accessories; a neat chain bracelet in rose gold and a matching ring with a bit of bling - both from Snö of Sweden.

UK fashion blogger
The girls and I had a lovely day at Thirsk races, placing some bets, sipping on Prosecco, catching up on some girly talk, and doing some general people watching. It's great seeing what outfits other girls have opted for for ladies' day (and it's also fun laughing at girls who've gone really over the top with their hats!)

What sort of dress do you tend to wear when going to the races?
Do you flaunt your curves in a trendy and edgy fashionista style dress, the classic dress which could be a standard chiffon or lace style, or do you tone it down a bit and go for a more sophisticated and mature style which may be a bit more covered up?

Fashionista - Diamante Cage Pencil Dress from ASOS £95
Classic lace - Navy Lace Dress from Mango £50
Sophisticated - Grace Miracle Dress from Winser London £150

These three dresses are some fab examples, and I really wouldn't mind wearing any of them for different special occasions. But for the races I tend to go for a more classic style, with a slight hint of fashionista vibes.

Thank you so much to Thirsk Racecourse for inviting us to this fabulous ladies' day!

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