Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Oriental vibes

Oriental patterned top
I've always been a huge fan of the colour purple
(I used to live in a purple house, ride a purple bike, and drive a purple moped...),
so this purple Oriental print top that matches the swirly flower tattoo on my back perfectly was just a must-have!
There was only one problem...

purple crop top
...it was a crop top, meaning I had to get my belly out!
It doesn't matter how many sit-ups I do, but I still don't have a flat belly.
So what do you wear wth this current trend?
The answer is simple - a high-waisted skirt!

crop top and skirt
By combining a crop top with a high-waisted skirt it means you only have to show the middle section of your belly, which actually turns out to look quite flattering on any body type. I've gone for a full pleated tan midi skirt in a faux suede material, as I think the neutral hue goes well with the colourful top.

rib tattoo text
And also, this is a tattoo I don't get to show off very often!
It's my little life motto, and I love it.
(No, you're not really supposed to be able to read it, hence the extremely scribbly font).

suede midi skirt
I opted to throw a thin beige cardigan on before leaving the house though, as it's unfortunately not summer in England anymore.
It goes really well with my bag and my shoes!

green nail polish
The bag has been featured on the blog before. It's the perfect clutch bag that goes with everything.
I'm also matching my green nails and my many colourful rings in purple, green and amber to my patterned crop top.
It's all about the details ;)
feather earrings
I love how my tattoo looks like an extension of the top! It's basically the exact same colours!
I'm also wearing some green feather earrings.

beige wedge sandals
I wore this outfit a few weeks ago, when it was still warm enough to get your toes out. 
I hate wearing socks, and try wearing sandals for as long as possible. Usually between April and October.

UK fashion blogger
And that's it, folks!
I don't know what to call this Oriental, suede outfit though...
Any suggestions?

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  1. Love your skirt here :-) It's perfect for AW. You look fab!!