Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Blending in with the beautiful Autumn colours

autumn fashion
One thing I do like about Autumn is all the beautiful colours. 
Summer is still my favourite season and will always be, but there are so many more options of great clothes for Autumn!

floppy felt hat
This part of Autumn, when the leaves haven't fallen off the trees just yet but just sit there looking pretty in all colours from green to yellow to red, is the best bit. 
And this has been my inspiration for this outfit.

Vogue maxi coat
This fabulous maxi coat in a deep green hue is like a dream! 
It's the Geneva Maxi Coat from Coast which has a tailored, flattering fit (it basically makes you look really tall and slim - wohoo!) and a very classic and timeless cut. 
It was recently featured in Vogue, which is a bit of a wow-factor.

Hush Puppies ankle boots
I'm pairing my fabulous coat with these very fabulous shoes!
These tan leather ankle boots with lace details are from Shoetique and their Hush Puppies collection
Just like the coat, these shoes have a very classic style. I have actually had my eye on these for years, but always hesitated because of the price, but since they are just about the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned, they are definitely worth every penny!

gold leaf necklace
A very delicate looking golden leaf necklace from Accessorize (thanks Mode Lily for this brilliant birthday present!) is the perfect piece of Autumn themed jewellery.

floppy hat
If you read my blog last week about my trip to Manchester you will know that I was part of a blogger shopping spree arranged by Premier Inn, and that's when I found this very quirky, floppy felt hat. 
I found it in the brand new River Island in the Arndale shopping centre, and what I really love about it is the burnt red colour - ideal for an Autumn day like this. 
See how it matches the trees in the background? ;)

Fiorelli handbag
The black leather shoulder bag (which was already featured on Fashion Infatuation a while ago) is from Fiorelly at House of Fraser. It's a pretty standard handbag, but it's therefore very versatile and goes with most styles and outfits. 
What's funny is that I've had a couple of friends who have mistaken it for a Michael Kors bag when they've just glanced at it. Haha! I wish!

UK fashion blogger
And that's that - my Autumn themed outfit with the focus on my gorgeous green maxi coat.
I'm in love!

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  1. Maria this is such a wonderful outfit post! I love your pictures, very autumnal, and I'm so glad you like the necklace

    Dash Xx