Friday, 20 November 2015

Creating contrasts with different materials

black fashion
All this talk about Black Friday next week, and I decided to give myself a challenge...
Well, it's Friday, and I'm wearing all black! 
But how can you create contrasts in your outfit when all items are of the same colour?

black clothing different materials
The trick is to wear items of different materials and textures, and the ones you'll see in this outfit are smooth cotton, soft felt, shiny leather and a textured knit.

black leather midi skirt
See what I mean?
The outfit has a lot of contrasts even though it's all the same colour.
Yes, I know I've cheated with the grey clutch bag, but grey is basically light black, right? ;)

The idea for this outfit all started when I fell head over heels in love with this leather look midi skirt from Boohoo
But what would I wear with it? 
I wore several high-waisted midi skirts over the summer and paired them all with crop tops, but the weather isn't quite right for that anymore...
That's when I found this simple but beautiful ruched turtle neck top, also from Boohoo. What I really love about it is the pleated detail over the chest - it really adds so much to the outfit! 

black maxi cardigan
To make the outfit more suitable for Autumn, but also a bit more dramatic, I chose a long knitted maxi cardigan as an extra layer.
Guess where it's from?
My favourite online shop Boohoo, of course!

black friday outfit
I love how it blows in the wind and adds a bit of drama to my life ;)
It's like a cape, and everytime I walk down the stairs wearing it I feel like a queen!

lifef motto necklace
Even my jewellery for this Black Friday outfit is black.
This long chain necklace has a pendant with a simple shiny black ball surrounded by a steel ring with the life motto "THE REST OF YOUR LIFE STARTS TODAY" printed on it.
I'm all for life mottos - I find them really inspiring.

black felt hat
I really like the burnt red floppy felt hat I wore in my last outfit post where I'm blending in with the beautiful Autumn colours, so I decided to get a black hat as well. 
This one isn't quite as floppy, and what makes it different is the faux leather band with a bow that decorates it - a perfect match to my leather look skirt!

DKNY clutch bag
And last but not least, my little cheat accessory; the "light black" clutch bag.
This tiny grey clutch is from DKNY, and it's the perfect little party bag as it has got card slots in it, and therefore works as a wallet as well as a party bag for your going out essentials (keys, phone, lipstick...)
I can see myself using it a lot during the upcoming festive season.

long black cardigan
And that's that - my "Black Friday" outfit.
I know how many fans of all black clothing there are out there, and I hope my tips on how to create contrasts with the same colour will inspire you.

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