Monday, 16 November 2015

Newspaper print nails with decorative roses

newpaper print nail art
 It has been absolutely ages since I last did a nail polish post, and I have had this style on my mind for quite a while now. The only problem is that I've had short nails for the last couple of months, but I've let them grow out a bit now.

nail polish
 My design today is a newspaper print with decorative roses. 
As usual, I'm a big fan of multiple accent nails, and for this design I'm using 4 different colours.
The pink polish is one that I've mixed myself as i thought the original polish was too bright, and I wanted it to be more of a dusky pink.

barry m lychee
 To start with, I decided which nails I wanted plain, and which ones I wanted my newspaper print on, and simply painted my nails in my two chosen base colours; cream and metallic green.
how to do newspaper nails
 In order to create a newspaper print on your nails there are a few things you need;
  • Little cut-out squares with text from a newspaper
  • A glass with a bit of clear spirit, for example vodka
  • Tweezers
how to newspaper print nails
 Start by placing your newspaper square in the glass of vodka (one at a time), and let it soak for 20-30 seconds before fishing it out with your tweezers.

newspaper nails tutorial
 Place the newspaper square on your nail with the text facing downwards. Press it down onto your nail without moving it back and forth, and press it slightly to make sure that the printed text comes off.

newspaper nail art
 Peel off the piece of newspaper, and tadaa! - There you have your newspaper print nail.
As you can see, the text ends up mirrored.
Quickly apply some topcoat to avoid smudging the print.

how to do rose nail art
 The next step in my nailpolish design is to add some decorative roses to my newspaper print nails. I use a small dotting tool to create these roses, and simply use 2 different polishes (in this case a dusky pink and a purple) and swirl the 2 polishes around until it resembles a rose. Alternate the colours and add more of one until you're happy with your design.

nail art blogger
 I've used the same green nailpolish for the leaves as for my plain nails to make the design match.

newspaper and rose nail art
The last step in my design is to add some studs to the green nails in order to jazz them up a bit. 
Finish off the design with a good, smoothing and fast drying topcoat (my favourite is No7 from Boots), and there you have it - a newspaper print nail design with decorative roses, and green accent nails with studs.

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