Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Sleep well, shop well - getting spolit by Premier Inn in Manchester

UK fashion blogger
Well hello there!
A mirror selfie? Why?
Because I was in a hotel room all by myself about to go out for some exciting shenanigans with some fellow fashion bloggers!
My outfit for the night was a strapless black skater dress and a blue and silver statement necklace, dramatic eye makeup, and of course a pair of heels to top (bottom?) it all off.

blogger event
There were 20 local-ish fashion bloggers that had been invited to an exciting event called #SleepWellShopWell, hosted by the fab Premier Inn Picadilly in Manchester in collaboration with Propeller Net and The Front Row Society.
It should have been called #EatWellSleepWell in my opinion, with the amount of food they brought us for dinner! Oh my!

Fumo Manchester
We were treated to dinner at Fumo (a San Carlo chain restaurant) in central Manchester, and the menu had been set for us.
They went for a tapas style menu with lots of small dishes, and we couldn't believe how much food there was! The waiters just kept coming out with more!

Fumo restaurant Manchester
There was bread and olives, prosciutto, pasta, pizza, duck salad, steak... you name it!
It was all gorgeous, and we were basically rolling out of the restaurant afterwards.

Swedes in England
Myself and fellow Swede and Leeds blogger Jennie from Lifestyled by Jennie enjoyed a Limoncello after dinner.

UK bloggers
I got to know lots of lovely bloggers that I've never met before, including Bryony from Bea Lea (to the right), and lots of other girls. 
I do love a social event like this - such a great campaign idea Premier Inn!

Premier Inn hotel room
After dinner and quite a few drinks it was time to go back to the hotel for a great night's sleep before the adventure was due to continue the next day. 
Remember, if you sleep well you shop well ;)

Premier Inn bed
Premier Inn seriously has the comfiest beds ever! 
I'm really picky with pillows, and sleeping on a pillow that is not in line with what I'm used to can really ruin a night's sleep completely.
I can't even remember falling asleep this night! I put my head on the pillow and all of a sudden it was morning, and I was more than ready for an exciting day of shopping.

COW vintage
Premier Inn had teamed up with Manchester stylist and blogger Megan from Pages by Megan, and after a massive and delicious hotel breakfast all bloggers made their way to the Northern Quarter in their own time, where Megan had picked out a few of her favourite shops for quirky, wonderful and vintage finds.

COW vintage Manchester
One of the boutiques was COW vintage, which truly was vintage heaven!
It was quality European vintage fashion arranged to perfection on two floors.

COW Manchester
Although we went to a few different shops of similar styles in the Northern Quarter, COW was definitely my favourite!

Pop Boutique Manchester
Another vintage shop that I really liked was Pop Boutique.
It was like stepping right into the 1970's, and even the shop assistants looked the part with their clothes, hair and makeup.

Pop Boutique
Very 70's retro, indeed!

After getting slightly lost in Afflecks Palace, Jennie and I continued to do some shopping in the Arndale Centre before heading back to Leeds again.

Thank you so much to Premier Inn for inviting me to this fantastic blogger event where we all got to eat well, sleep well and shop well - I felt so spoilt, and it was nice to get a different shopping experience like this, rather than just sticking to the highstreet!

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  1. Ha, not sure if we did actually enjoy those drinks... ;) Great post gorgeous! Let's do it again sometime xx