Monday, 23 November 2015

The Parisian way to style up a pair of chunky boots

 There's this tiny little park in the centre of Leeds, just a 5 minute walk from the shopping area, that is so lovely and quiet. Even though it's so central, not many people seem to know about it. It's located in an old square, and all the buildings surrounding it are old-fashioned, and really posh.

I've made it a habit to walk through this park every time I go to Leeds, and I always admire the pretty town houses with the colourful doors. 
It doesn't feel like being in England, but I imagine this is what the outskirts of Paris look like.

 So when I stumbled across this Paris print t-shirt at Primark the other day, I immediately knew where I wanted to go to photograph it for this outfit post!
It's such a simple t-shirt, but that's also what makes it so versatile. 
A basic piece of clothing like this can be worn with literally anything!

But the real inspiration for this particular outfit was actually the boots.
With them being of a chunky military style, I wanted to continue this style and go for the typical military green and camel colours - but proving that even this style can be worn in a chic and Parisian way.

This khaki green pleated midi skirt is from Boohoo, and is (just like the t-shirt) very versatile and can be worn for any season paired with the right items.

 The ruched sleeve camel coloured blazer in a soft jersey material is from
I really love the button details on it, and the sort of military inspired shoulders.

I'm pairing it with a vintage looking pocket watch necklace in brass.

 But back to the Paris print t-shirt...
I've always been quite reluctant to wear standard t-shirts, ad it's just recently that I've embraced this basic item and realised what you can wear it with.
Just because you're wearing a simple t-shirt, it doesn't have to mean you're casual.
I tend to wear my t-shirts with high-waisted skirts, under blazers, and I'll definitely take this one with me on holiday next week when I'll be wearing it with some denim shorts!

 The reddish tan military style boots are from the AW15 collection at Clarks, and they're actually the first flat boots I've had in years. 
I find myself wearing heels a lot, but when I first laid eyes on these badboys, I just knew I had to have them! I also sort of wanted to prove to myself that you an look chic and feminine even when wearing really chunky footwear.
And pssst...! Clarks are actually taking part in Black Friday this year, so you may be able to find yourself a bargain or two if you're out to get your hands (or feet!) on some quality shoes.
 The handbag is my trusted cream and beige DKNY.
It's been with me for over a year now, and I still absolutely love it.
With the colours being so basic the bag goes with pretty much anything, and especially with my Paris t-shirt and the earthy hues in this chic military inspired outfit.
As usual, let me know what you think of my outfit by leaving a comment.

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