Friday, 18 December 2015

Feeling refreshed with a Summer in December

Caribbean holiday
Fashion Infatuation has been on a bit of a break lately, because I decided to escape the cold and treat myself to a holiday!
I've never been on a sun holiday this late in the year before, and it felt really surreal being on a beach one day, only to come home to cold and rain the next - going straight from summer to Christmas!

Punta Cana beach
The destination was the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, which has a pretty solid 28ish degrees all year around, and the softest sandy beaches I've ever experienced!

Dominican Republic holiday
The sea was absolutely crazy at this time of year, with extremely high and strong waves, but that didn't stop me from getting in! 
I lost my beloved Ray Bans to the depths of the sea though... :(

Caribbean sea
Swimwear-wise, I went for a turquoise two piece for this holiday.
I wanted something a bit different from my usual earthy hues - something that would stand out - and thought this colour would look good against tanned skin.

Turquoise bandeau bikini
 If you look at the bikini close-up you can see that it has got decorative patterns that resemble something a bit oriental - a nice detail to a bikini that is otherwise all the same colour.

turquoise bikini
The bandeau style allows me to get a nice and even tan without leaving white strap lines on my shoulders. Should I have needed more support when swimming there was a halterneck strap you could tie to the metal ring in the middle of the bikini top.
Good thing I'm quite small in that department so that the bikini stayed up anyway ;)

holiday nails
My holiday nails for the second week of the holiday (first week was turquoise nails to match the bikini) were painted in a very simple style; just a dusky pink polish topped with a coat of glitter. You can't really go wrong with that.

dusky pink pedicure
And my toe nails are matching, of course!

What I really love about going on a sun holiday is how care-free I feel. It's so relaxing, and I don't worry about anything, and definitely not my looks. Just like it's a two week holiday from everyday life, it's also a break from makeup and other products, as well as from my blog as you may have noticed. It's just a time to enjoy yourself and let the sun, sea and sand work its magic on your dull northern European skin. I feel refreshed, and like a new person!

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