Saturday, 30 January 2016

Styling up a mediocre budget jumper

Fashion Infatuation
A standard oversized knitted jumper is boring... Correct?
If you wear it on its own with a pair of jeans, yes! But with the right shoes and accessories you can easily turn this plain garment into a fashionable outfit!

tan oversized jumper
I found this tan coloured knit at Primark last week, and bought it for the purpose of being a comfy go-to jumper for the house. But when trying it on for the second time I realised it would go so well with a pair of tan shoes that were hiding at the back of my wardrobe...

UGG boots heels
These heeled platform ankle boots from UGG are great for wintery days when you want to look a bit stylish. Or in this case - to spice up a mediocre jumper.

lace metal necklace
But how to make this outfit complete? Cause you wouldn't see me just walking around solely in tan coloured and earthy hues... That sure would look quite bland!

black lace necklace
I'm starting by adding some contrasts in the form of accessories. This black metal lace necklace is a favurite of mine, and I found it at Wallis last year. 

black leather leggings
The black necklace got paired with a pair of faux leather leggings for that rock chic look that everyone knows I love.

gold midi rings
A black leather handbag to match the leggings, and some golden bling in the form of a set of stacking and midi rings almost completes the outfit. I've gone for gold to better match the earthy colour of the main item, which in this case is the jumper. As you can see in the photo above it has got golden zippers decorating the sides of it.

pocket watch tattoo
 The last piece of the puzzle is this black and gold bangle which ties it all together really nicely. I also love it when I accidentally match my outfit colours to my tattoo!

UK fashion blogger
And that is it, folks! - A cosy but stylish winter outfit in warm and earthy hues with contrasting black leather.
What do you think?

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