Friday, 5 February 2016

Cryotherapy - The power of ice

Have you ever heard of Cryotherapy? 
Neither had I... until XS Hair in Leeds invited me to a demonstration at their fab event in Leeds last week. 
There were bubbles, pampering, and the power of ice!

I had a very special guest with me to the event (who I think got more out of it than me in the end!) - my little sister! She had come to Leeds for a visit, and I was so happy to get to show her "my" Leeds. She's only ever really been with my parents before, but I had a great time showing her around the younger parts of town.

But back to the event. 
When we arrived we were welcomed with a glass of bubbly, and the first thing we saw was a girl laying on a bed having some sort of treatment on her face. We were promised an in-depth explanation and demonstration shortly.
Having read the benefits on the leaflet I was handed on arrival I was very curious to what this miracle treatment was!

XS hair Leeds
So what is Cryotherapy?
It's a pioneering technology originating from Japan, which uses liquid nitrogen to cool down a concentrated area on your body, which in turn triggers a physiological reaction. These reactions have multiple benefits such as weight loss, tighter skin, reductions of cellulite, wrinkles and acne scars, and even pain relief. 
Or like the lovely ladies at XS Hair explained it in a more humorous way; the freezing temperatures basically tricks your body into believing it's going to die, so the blood rushes to the treated area and plumps up the skin and burns lots of calories.
It's a natural treatment with biological health benefits.

Next up to have a trial session of the facial treatment was Kellie from Big Fashionista.
She was covered in warm towels and had her makeup removed to start with.

big fashionista
Having done the treatment on just one half of the face (the one to the right in the photo) you can already see that her face looks smoother and plumper. 

blogger event
It was such a popular event, and lots of Leeds bloggers, journalists, and even a soap actor had come to see the wonder of Cryotherapy.

cryotherapy demonstration
My sister had a quick blast of Cryotherapy done on her chest since she had had a stubborn cough all week. This was followed by a chest rub. She said it was very relaxing. 
XS hair salon in Leeds
On top of this, XS Hair treated us to hair styling, and some advice from their hairdressers.
Here's Ally from Digital Diva having a consultation on her fringe, whilst Kellie from Big Fashionista is having her hair curled.

There was also a choice of having your nails done with Shellac polishes. 
Such a luxury event!

My sister and I had a great time learning about Cryotherapy and mingling with other bloggers.
Thank you so much to Cryotherapy UK and XS Hair in Leeds for arranging such a fantastic event!

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