Thursday, 11 February 2016

Posh dinner, posh attire... and a murder on the posh floor!

You may be wondering why Kristina from Mode of Style and myself are all dressed up, holding on to some very important-looking items such as a magnifying glass...
Well, we had received a very fancy invitation for an event at nowhere other than the posh Hilton in Leeds, where we had been asked to 'dress to impress'.
On top of that we had been promised an eventful dinner with some detective work!

 Although the cause was unknown, it seemed like the area was a crime scene already on our arrival, and had been investigated by the police.
What had we gotten ourselves into? 

 But when they presented us with some items a la Sherlock Holmes, and explained to us that we simply had to help out with an investigation, we could finally relax (and start enjoying the wine!)

 All the best private detectives wear a mustache and/or glasses, right?
Was Kristina a suspect in the crime which we were yet to be presented?

 We were about 30 bloggers that all sat down for dinner at three different tables...

 ...but before we had even stuck our forks into our starter, a man stumbled into the room and DIED RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! 

 Luckily, the ACTUAL SHERLOCK HOLMES (starstruck!) was quick to arrive, and to our horror he declared that there had been a MURDER!
But who was guilty to this terrible crime, and where would we even start our investigation of the #MurderOnThePoshFloor?

 Sherlock Holmes made us take an oath that we would truthfully and wholeheartedly put all of our efforts into helping out finding the murderer (although that was very difficult when there was delicious food put in front of us from time to time - extremely distracting!).

We were served a 3 course meal consisting of tasty soup, chicken breast with potato gratin and vegetables, followed by some sort of raspberry mousse with white chocolate. 
And in between the courses we were trying to solve the murder mystery in our different groups, which became very competitive. 

Luckily, we had Sherlock and a policeman to help us, and before we knew it they had found some evidence which we dusted for fingerprints, and BINGO! With the help of forensic reports, questioning of suspects, checking of criminal records, and warrants for pocket searches, we managed to solve the murder and arrest the perpetrator.

Thanks to Posh Flooring for such a fab event with lots of friendly faces and lots of fun! 
It was a true one of a kind dinner, and one I will remember forever!

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