Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Scandi style with a hint of pastel

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I felt so typically Scandinavian in this outfit that I wore for a day out last weekend.
But what do I mean by that?
If you look at Scandinavian fashion in general it all tends to be very minimalistic (in the sense of colour and details - not the lack of fabric!) and classic - very white and grey.
The same goes for interior design. I don't want to say plain, but Scandinavian designers all agree that less is more, and that a basic colour palette can be spiced up into anything depending on your accessories.

Swedish fashion blogger
I actually bought this grey turtle neck bodycon dress during my last visit in Sweden, at fashion giant Gina Tricot. You may not have heard about this chain yet, but believe me... you will do eventually! I'm pretty sure they'll take over the world sooner or later, just like their fellow Swedish fashion house H&M.

swedish fashion
I wanted to pair the dress with a blazer but without it looking too formal and office-like, so I opted for a white one. A black one would have looked too serious, but this white blazer from Wallis is perfect for Spring.

scandinavian outfit
But dressing all in a black/grey/white is not in my nature... I like colours too much!
And the best colours to opt for now that spring has arrived are dusky pastel colours.

lilac messenger bag
I found this dusky lilac/pink messenger bag at a bargain price in the sale at Deichmann.
I absolutely love the colour, but also the structure.
It may look small, but I could fit a lot more stuff than I thought I would in it (like my big SLR camera I used to take these photos with).

svensk modeblogg
The bag blends in well with the grey, but it's still a little pop of colour, which makes the outfit so much more interesting. 

lilac pendant
As for accessories, I've gone for less is more like the true Swede that I am, and I' wearing this lovely lilac stone pendant on a thin silver chain. 
It goes perfecty with the Scandi style outfit and the dusky lilac handbag.

dusky turquoise nails
No outfit is complete without nail polish!
Don't agree?
Then try wearing that bright pink nail polish you had on all of last week with something red or orange... it doesn't go, does it. It clashes quite horribly actually.
As you know, I'm all for my nail polish, and even though you can't cater for every outfit when panting this week's nails, you can at least try to stick to certain coloured clothes for those specific days.

spring fashion 2016
And that is it, folks; My white and grey Scandi style with a hint of pastel - in this case dusky lilac and turquoise.
What are your go-to colours for Spring?

white blazer

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