Saturday, 18 June 2016

Fascinated by fascinators

what to wear to the races
The first time I ever went to the races was back in 2010. I had only lived in England for a few months by that time, and when told that it was quite a fancy event I put on whatever dress I had to hand in the back of my wardrobe. As someone who was used to wearing jeans and sneakers, I thought I looked super posh...
When I arrived at York races I realised that I didn't!

racecourse fashion
The second time I went to the races I understood more what it was all about, so I put on a nicer dress, but I still stuck to wedges rather than heels to avoid getting stuck and ruining my shoes on the lawn.
No one else seemed to have the same idea... 

black fascinator
I couldn't for my life understand why all girls were wearing what I thought was silly head gear though. Were they hats, were they head bands? What were they, and why was everyone wearing them?!
When I went to York races last weekend I caved in, and I went all out. I wanted to know what it felt to fit in to all this fanciness, and I bought myself my first ever fascinator. 
I must admit I felt marvellous!

black sheer layered dress
To go with my posh fascinator, I was of course wearing a dress suitable for racecourse poshness. 
It's a black layered sheer dress with a lace style bodice, and a butterfly cut hem on the skirt, meaning it's longer on the sides.

lace back dress
The back of the dress is quite fabulous as you show off your back through the pattern. Unfortunately that means you can't really wear a bra with it though, but of well... the things you do for fashion!

York races
I tricked you a bit though... it isn't actually a posh dress - it's just from H&M. But it's all about how you mix and match your clothes that make the finished outfit!

makeup for the races
To really complete that race style, I put my hair up into a low and voluminous side bun, making sure the fringe finished it off with a wave framing my face. You won't see me with my hair up very often, and I do quite struggle with updos, but I think this experiment was quite a success. Especially with the fascinator decorating it!

fascinator for the races
I took the liberty to climb up to the horse owners' area, where you had a good view over the racecourse. Since my strategy when it comes to horse betting is based on who's got the funniest name, I didn't win anything though... What a surprise!

York races county stand
Silver jewellery in the form of my trusted Links of London charm bracelet and multiple silver rings is pretty standard for me to bling up an outfit. Add to that french manicure nails, and my handbag being the only pop of colour to break off the black, and I was all good to go.

fake lashes
And not to forget the massive fake lashes! I wanted to go a bit over the top and look like a doll for this special occasion. Why not, hey? I was also practising my Maid of Honour makeup for next month, although I won't go as extreme with the lashes then. It's more about the contouring and finding makeup that will stay on all day in any weather.

special occasion makeup and hair
And that is it, folks. For the first time since I moved to England I felt like I actually fit in to all the fascinator madness at the races. Have I officially turned more British than Swedish? I bloody hope not, but it's all fun and games experimenting with fashion and different styles.