Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Gazing over the Atlantic for historic inspired attire

Well howdy how there.
This outfit is a bit American western inspired, mixed with some old fashioned touches.
It kind of makes me think of the era that was a hundred or so years back, when people were emigrating from UK and western Europe to the states. Although, that was not intentional when putting together this outfit.

 The inspiration came from Apricot, and the most amazing flowing black gipsy skirt I found on their website recently. It was love at first sight, and I just knew it would be perfect for summer.

 With the right combination and accessories, I managed to put together quite the unusual attire - definitely not what I would usually be seen in, but I loved it!

 Matching my amazing black flowing skirt with a dusky pink checked shirt with a high button collar is what made it all look so western inspired. The skirt, from Apricot, originally came with a plaited leather belt, but it wasn't quite the right colour to match my shoes, so I swapped it for another, slightly lighter, leather belt that you tie in the front.

 The checked shirt is an old one from Next, and I've fallen in and out of love with it so many times. Recently I've started experimenting more with what I'm combining it with, and it's now back at the top of my shirt pile.

 Very suitable to the theme of emigrating across the Atlantic, but also this a mere coincidence, I'm accessorising my outfit with a world map watch. The dusky pastel colours and the light tan leather strap is a match made in heaven for this outfit.
I originally found it on Etsy, but then managed to get it for a bargain price on Ebay.

 What do you think of this combo?
Do you agree that it looks quite old fashioned?

 The tan leather platform clogs I'm wearing are also part of what inspired my choice of clothing for this post. They might not look it, but they're really easy to walk in and they're actually really comfy. I got them from Deichmann, and they're the ultimate staple shoes for summer.

 To finish it all off I'm wearing a tight brass necklace with tiny chain fringes. This, just as the skirt, is also from Apricot. I really feel that it's completing the outfit without being over the top. Even though it' a bit of a statement necklace, it manages to blend in nicely with the shirt.

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