Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Playing with band tees to hint about your personal style

Leeds grafitti
A whole summer in the city, and what do you wear?
England's unpredictable weather means it's boiling one day, windy the next, humid, and frekkin freezing in the air conditioned office! 

grafitti photoshoot
Well, first of all, I'm one of those who are stubborn enough to wear open shoes (and defo no socks) between April and October (these black platform wedges are from Deichmann). Even though the English summers aren't known to be amazing, at least they are long. And whilst my friends back in Sweden may experience a sudden Autumn in September, the weather in England tends to be a lot milder for longer. 

professional graffiti
It's no secret that I'm a big fan of bodycon midi skirts - I don't know how many variations of colours I own! They're just such a great go-to option for summer, and they basically go with everything!

denim shirt
As for letting my personal rocker style shine through a little bit, I'm opting for a sleeveless denim shirt decorated with metal studs, and a cropped band tee.
Can you see which band logo it is...?

girls Metallica tee
Metallica, of course! I may not listen to them every day like I used to when I was younger, but they've been with me for so long now, and when I saw this tee in H&M the other day I just had to have it - no doubt about it!
graffiti wall
I do love a good mix and match style, and this style shows that you can stay rocky even with summer clothes, and that it's also possible to mix semi casual office wear with a bit of rock'n'roll.
Leeds fashion blogger
I did feel quite hardcore roaming around the dodgy and mysterious tunnels of Leeds too!
I have had this idea about doing a photoshoot in front of graffiti for ages, and I finally found some really cool artwork along the canal in central Leeds.

teal metallic nails
The fact that the colours matched my clothes, and especially my teal nails perfectly, was just a bonus!
fashion infatuation
I do feel that I'm so much more confident when it comes to playing with outfits nowadays. I would never have thought of this combo a year or so ago, but with the likes of H&M and Primark offering so many cheap options and cool print tees at the moment, a girl just has to broaden her horizons.

What do you think of this slightly rocky casual summer office style?
The Metallica tee and the tied denim shirt really was a spur of the moment thing!

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