Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Modern romantic with a twist

You know when you're going out, but not out-out.
It's just dinner, and it's with friends rather than a date.
But then at the same time it's a special occasion, so you want to look nice.
Not sexy, but not too casual... and you kind of want to keep your options open since you're probably going for a couple of drinks after.
Aaargh, the perks of being a girl! :P

Anyhow, after a few tries I found what I felt was a pretty ideal outfit for this type of occasion, that at the same time was great for this time of year.
I felt comfortable in it (comfortable enough to eat a 3 course dinner, and drink lots of wine!), I felt that it was flattering, and at the same time it was a bit unusual and exciting - something I wouldn't usually wear.

I had had my eyes on a pair of knee high boots for quite a while, and after getting inspiration from the likes of JD Williams, and various highstreet shops, I finally got my hands on these faux suede beauties in beige. They're what I jokingly call "hooker-boots" as they actually go over the knee, but since they're of a soft material you can easily slouch them down to underneath your knees if you prefer to wear them that way.
The boots were actually the first point of inspiration for the whole outfit.

I did feel that the outfit was a bit of a mix and match of everything. There were different materials such as suede, lace, thick and sturdy fabric, as well as leather. And there were also a bunch of different colours - all of which were mirroring the colours of this in-between season quite nicely; warm browns for autumn, and cold and dusky hues for winter.

The poofy black skirt was a find H&M's autumn sale, and is a new favourite of mine. It's of a hard and sturdy material, but at the same time it's stretchy and comfortable. The high waist makes it really flattering, and it goes perfectly with the boots and the top.

The dusky pink lace top is also a new addition to my wardrobe, which I bought in New Yorker. I fell in love with it due to the lovely colour, which can be mixed and matched into outfits for every season.

Oh, and have you seen my absolutely gorgeous bag??! 
My amazing family treated me to this brown leather stud bag from Michael Kors for my birthday (which may or may not have been a bit of a milestone birthday... hrm!)

To top it all off I've gone for an accessory a la 90's.
At least inspired by this era.
I really can't go back to the plastic black choker you got in tween magazines back in 1997 since I was actually there to experience it for myself, but I found this 90's inspired grey suede choker in Gina Tricot, and thought it would top off this outfit perfectly. The bow actually reminds me of old fashioned romance.
Matching the boots and all as well!
The 90's choker trend is super popular at the moment, and there are lots of variations of this type of necklace.

And that's that, folks; A romantic, in between seasons outfit, perfect for a special occasion dinner with friends.