Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Rocking through my everyday with an old favourite

When it comes to style, I see myself as a bit of a chameleon.
I used to be really boring and stick to jeans and sneakers when I was younger, but now - 10ish years later - I've adapted several different styles.
One day you might see me in normal jeans (no sneakers though!), the next I'll be in bohemian inspired gear, the next again in some sophisticated skirt... I mean, why stick to one style, when you can experiment with several?

But one style I'll never give up is my rock chick style.
It has folllowed me since I was in my teens, and it's a style I've learnt that I can adapt and vary in many different ways
- from everyday, to party. 

 It's all in the details when it comes to the rock chick style.
Rips, accessories, and makeup.
And you obviously need to top it all off with the right attitude and confidence ;)

 A black leather watch with scrambled numbers, and a subtle skull bead bracelet adds just the right amount of rock to this everyday outfit.

 The black ripped jeans was a right bargain that I got my hands on in the autumn sale at H&M. They're super stretchy with a high waist, which makes them perfect for tucking in a tight top. The fact that they're slim fit also means that a pair of black heels is the ideal combo in order to create the appearance of longer legs.

The checked black and red lumberjack inspired shirt is also from H&M, and the fact that it's cropped makes it go really nicely with the high waisted jeans.
My beloved Michael Kors bag featured in my last outfit post too, and you'll probably see a lot more of it in upcoming posts - the mid brown colour of it is really versatile, and right now it goes well with most of my outfits.

This black metal lace necklace is a favourite of mine. It really adds that little extra, and I love the fact that it makes a bit of a statement.

 I think it's important to experiment with different styles, and although this is a pretty standard outfit for me, it can hopefully inspire someone else.

One thing to think about is the importance of shoes. I mean, can you imagine what this outfit would look like with sneakers instead on heels? Completely different, right?!

Although, note to self... don't wear cream coloured unicorn patterned socks when trying to be all tough and that...! :P

These black suede platform heels are from Deichmann.

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