I started up this blog because I couldn’t walk in high heels. It’s true!
My early posts on this blog are actually just rants about girls looking silly stumbling down the street in wobbly skyscraper heels, and about how I couldn’t understand why they would expose their poor feet to that agony.
I’ve learnt.
I used to refuse heels over 2 inches, but I’ve slowly learnt how to walk in higher heels – without doing that wobbly walk!

As you may have noticed, this blog is mostly about fashion, and I try to make it as personal as possible, telling you about my latest buys, and putting together matching outfits. However, I’m also throwing some beauty, fitness and lifestyle posts in the mix as well. Enjoy, and please leave a comment or two.

But who am I, apart from an aspiring skyscraper-heels-walking fashionista?
Well, my name is Maria, and I’m from Sweden but currently living in Leeds, England.
I’m a ditsy 20-something girl working in online marketing with a focus on creative blogger outreach.
My interests in life are music (the heavier and rockier the better), art, interior decoration, travelling, cooking and exercising.

If you have any questions, just pop me an email or write a comment on any of my posts.

If you’re a PR looking to collaborate, please read my contribute page.